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Ahram cigarettes

Ahram Hookah Tobacco has been one of the newest additions to our brand assortment, as we, at are doing our best to supply our adult customers with the very best tobacco products.

Ahram hookah tobacco

Ahram tobacco for water pipes is made by Goldline Tobacco, a well-known tobacconist founded by Italian-Moldovan joint stock group and specializing on manufacture of high quality hookah tobacco.

The tobacco products manufactured by this company are popular in more than 25 countries across the world, and the variety of tastes is outstandingly wide, with nearly 25 different shisha tobacco flavors, Ahram offers even the most exotic hookah smoking experience. So, hardly any tobacco maker is able to match this astonishing diversity in products.

In addition, it should also be mentioned that during the manufacture of Ahram tobacco there were used only the finest tobaccos, top-quality natural molasses and modern technologies, which in combination contributed to making a true masterpiece of hookah tobacco.

In our discount tobacco shop, Ahram Hookah Tobacco is available in 9 outstanding flavors:

Ahram Red Wine Grape Tobacco is one of the most ravishing and exquisite flavors in Ahram hookah tobacco provides. Delicious ripe grapes, blended with aromatic red wine of premium quality offer an unbeatable flavor, which will be indulged by even the most fastidious hookah smokers.

Ahram Two Apples Hookah Tobacco is by far the most popular hookah flavor in hookah tobacco market segment. The mix of delicious red apple and fresh taste of green apple ensures unprecedented pleasure you will never feel when smoking other hookah flavors.

Ahram Mint Hookah Tobacco is a rather exotic flavor, which is mainly used in a blend with other flavors, providing a fresher aftertaste. But still, it works great on its own as well.

Ahram Honey Melon gives a one-of-a-kind combination of sweet flavor of melon and charming honey smell that together form a truly sweet treat, you will definitely like.

Ahram Jasmine Hookah Tobacco is the real masterpiece in the collection of Ahram tobaccos. It has a superior taste and tender fragrance, which fills the space around you with a smoke, smelling so pleasantly that you will barely withstand the temptation to smoke it again.

Ahram Black Currant is one of the wide-known shisha flavors, with a delicious taste and bracing smoke.

Ahram Captain Black Hookah Tobacco would be an ideal choice for adult men, since it gives an intense rum flavor and invigorating smoke.

Ahram Energy Drink Hookah Tobacco has an exotic flavor composed of the fresh fruit and candies, and tasting like you are drinking an energetic cocktail.

Ahram Cherry Hookah Tobacco is one of the top-selling flavors of Ahram tobaccos. It has a remarkable and yummy flavor to offer in addition to a rich smoke which would delight even the most exacting hookah aficionados.

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