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Al Fakher cigarettes

Al Fakher is the one of the best hookah tobacco brands, produced by Al Fakher Tobacco Trading Co. is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates from high-quality selected ingredients on the basis of original recipe. It is divided into two categories: Gold Series has a rich taste and unique flavors. You will find tobacco with Bahraini apple taste, grape taste, strawberry taste and delicate rose taste.

Al Fakher hookah tobacco

There are also tobaccos of general series, where you can find many original and pleasant tastes.

In comparison with all other companies, Al Fakher retains the leading position in the market as a manufacturer of high quality tobaccos. Al-Fakher products are competitive in terms of quality, assortment and price.

There are 7 types of hookah tobacco available in our online tax-free cigarettes store:

Apple Flavour Hookah Tobacco is considered the standard flavor and is one of the most suitable for all smokers. Fragrant apple tobacco from Al Fakher has a mild taste, and when smoking provides unparalleled rich smoke that you will not find in other brands.

Grape Flavour Hookah Tobacco is the most popular in the assortment of Al Fakher and valued for incomparable sweetness and thick smoke. Fresh white grapes and flavorings with grape taste of the highest quality make this flavored tobacco unrivaled. Grape Flavoured Hookah Tobacco is the most popular in the world among other flavors. Perhaps you can call it the best.

Melon Flavour Hookah Tobacco possesses exotic aroma of melon with a sweet strong taste, which provides long-term enjoyment of the process of smoking.

Mint Flavour Hookah Tobacco combines a cool, fresh and minty flavor and is one of the most popular tobaccos. Mint flavor goes perfectly together with other flavors, bringing easiness and adding a cool minty aftertaste.

Peach Flavour Hookah Tobacco is one of the most famous and popular among Al Fakher tobaccos. It has a unique delicious and invigorating smoke that can give pleasure to the most exacting smoker.

Strawberry Flavour Hookah Tobacco is one of the most wide-spread hookah flavors. A vivid, sweet, unique taste of sweet strawberries guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Watermelon Flavour Hookah Tobacco has exotic aroma. This aroma is made up of notes of fresh fruit with a marked watermelon taste. Delicious taste is combined with a rich smoke.

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