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Atis cigarettes

Atis cigarettes offer an excellent mixture of traditional taste, flavor, design and price. This brand is distinguished among cigarette assortment selling at the same prices on the international tobacco market. This tobacco product will, for certain, fascinate you at once. You won’t confuse these cigarettes with other cigarette brands.

Variety of Atis cigarettes

Atis cigarette brand is created by TUTUN-CTC with the help of Company “P. Lehmann Consulting” (Switzerland). The company manufactures the finest tobacco products which are of the highest international standards. They come into line with other high quality tobacco products made by TUTUN-CTC a recognized cigarette producer based in Eastern Europe.

Atis cigarettes are made of several sorts of tobacco and contain special elements which give the tobacco smoke a pure, mild, enriched and intense taste. Cigarettes of this brand have a tender, pleasant aroma and let you enjoy the whole smoking process. They bring you pleasurable smoke. Having tried once Atis cigarettes, you won’t forget their amazing soft taste.

Every Atis cigarette gives the pure taste of high grade tobacco. A distinctive flavor in combination with a reasonable price will really surprise cigarette smokers from all over the world. Moderate amount of nicotine content combined with a mild and tender taste is what each cigarette smoker needs.

There are 3 king-size variants of Atis cigarettes ranging by strength:

  • Atis Dark provides a bold and long taste of full-flavor smoke;
  • Atis Ardent offers inimitable and smooth taste;
  • Atis Noble delivers a generous and rich taste.

Atis cigarettes are produced in order to give smokers a chance to get a tobacco delight.

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Atis cigarettes are selling in our discount cigarette store in the following variety:

Atis Dark - Cigarette Ingredients: Tar: 7.0 mg, Nicotine: 0.6 mg

Atis Noble - Cigarette Ingredients: Tar: 4.0 mg, Nicotine: 0.3 mg

Atis Ardent - Cigarette Ingredients: Tar: 9.0 mg, Nicotine: 0.8 mg