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Avalon cigarettes

In addition to a mix of high grade tobaccos that sold for a moderate price, Avalon cigarettes are characterized by unforgettable pleasant and attractive smell.

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Avalon cigarettes are produced only in one style, so-called Full Flavor cigarettes. They are 85 mm in length and 7 mm in diameter.

Besides, Avalon cigarettes are supplied with modern and efficacious filters. At present, Avalon cigarettes got a European Union certificate on the safety and quality, accomplishing all the demands prescribed by EU Committee on Quality Control.

According to the recent survey, people who smoked Avalon cigarettes underlined that they are satisfied with rich and spicy flavor of these cigarettes, their pleasant aroma and extremely low price.

Avalon cigarettes are made of high grade tobacco and carry a very affordable price. These cigarettes are being sold for a long time. Nowadays they are well-known on the state and international tobacco markets.

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