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Cafe Creme cigarettes

The sales of small cigars began growing rapidly several years ago, as smoking in public placed was prohibited in Europe and United States and cigar smokers were not able to enjoy a fine cigar smoke anymore. Therefore, tobacco aficionados from many countries switched to cigarillos and little cigars, which deliver the same experience of consuming natural tobacco, but request less time to be smoked than the longer-filler cigars.

Cafe Creme small cigars

If you are willing to discover the world of small cigars, you should definitely start from the very best – Cafe Creme small cigars – the most popular mini cigars throughout the European Union.

Cafe Creme small cigars are produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the largest cigar and loose tobacco maker in Europe. The cigars are manufactures from the finest aromatic tobaccos belonging to Virginia and Oriental types, which were processed with especial care in order to grant the inimitable flavor of pure tobacco.

Cafe Creme brand provides wide variety of styles, ranging by flavor and availability of filter tips.

For those cigar smokers who prefer classic taste of non-flavored small cigars, Café Crème brand offers two styles:

If you are looking for a filtered smoking experience, then you need to pay attention to the following styles:

And for those cigar aficionados, who like to try new flavors, Cafe Creme is available in 3 exclusive styles:

Premium quality, use of the best tobaccos and dips, rich taste and charming aroma, as well as luxury tin-box packages – all these properties make Cafe Creme mini cigars a truly remarkable product.

Today, we offer you a great opportunity to order Cafe Creme small cigars online in our tax-free tobacco store at a discount price and open a new universe of pleasure from indulging this magnificent product.

Cafe Creme Features:

  • Length: 75mm (unfiltered styles); 95mm (filtered styles)
  • Wrapped: natural tobacco leaf
  • Packaged: tin box; 10 cigars per pack; 10 packs per carton
  • Manufactured in: the Netherlands