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Cigaronne cigarettes

Cigaronne Cigarettes - a brand of discount cigarettes getting more and more popular; produced by SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd. Established in 1999, the company made a revolutionary step in the world tobacco industry creating premium kind of smoking product: unique hard filter holder cigarettes with Cigaronne Cigarettes brand name.

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Cigaronne Tobacco Company in creating this smoking product was very attentive to every detail, beginning with its filter till its additives. This cigarette brand hasn’t yet had any analogy among tobacco products. This brand is exclusive in everything: feature, design and taste. In order to comprehend its real naturalness it is essential to experience these sublime cigarettes.

Smoking undoubtedly helps many people to relax. For some, it even improves concentration. Many people like to smoke before exams or when they are relaxing with friends. They might even find their cigarette more pleasurable and satisfying, if smoking means taking a break from whatever they are doing. Cigaronne will match any smoker that is confident in what he/she wants and for what is looking for.

Cigaronne cigs have already become famous on the European tobacco market due to their exclusive high quality. They are exported to 30 countries. It’s a matter of time when Cigaronne will be available in most countries of the world.

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These tobacco cigs are available at low price in variations of Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold, Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Slims White, Cigaronne Exclusive White, Cigaronne Exclusive Black, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black and Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White. All these sorts are different in taste, but are similar in their elevated class perfection.