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Colts cigarettes

If you have never smoked cigars, you can’t consider yourself a real tobacco aficionado, since only cigars are made of natural tobacco, and offer the pure tobacco smoking experience.

Colts small cigars

While cigar smoking is an expensive habit, since the price of hand-rolled cigars often reaches $5-10 per one, there are numerous brands which sell small cigars, which deliver the same super quality and inimitable taste as the long-filler ones, but are more affordable and require less time to be smoked.

If you are looking for a small cigar brand of premium quality, we can recommend you trying Colts cigarillos, one of the most popular brands on the European market.

Colts cigarillos are produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, a reputable tobacconist, which holds leading positions in European Union’s tobacco market and is known to adult cigar smokers for manufacturing premium quality tobacco products.

Cols small cigars are rolled from uncut tobacco, cultivated in Africa and processed in a specialized way, retaining the original taste or natural tobacco. In addition, these cigarillos are wrapped in tobacco leaf and equipped with effective filter tips for even more thrilling sensations from smoking process.

Moreover, Colts little cigars are offered in three outstanding flavors – refined rum flavor, delicious vanilla and charming cherry flavor. So, you can choose the best flavor according to your personal needs.

All you need to do is give Colts mini cigars a try, and you will definitely be captivated by their smooth taste, rich flavor and of course, magnificent quality of natural tobacco. We offer tax-free Colts small cigars in the following styles

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Colts Properties:

  • Length: 90mm
  • Made in: the Netherlands
  • Filtered
  • Packed: hard pack; 10 cigars per pack; 5 packs per carton