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Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes are produced by TUNTUN-CTC from the Republic of Moldova. They are a single variety, a brand with its unique style and smooth, light flavor. This tobacco brand can be easily recognized through its hard pack of dark blue color. Brand name is written on top of the pack and a celestial star is placed in center of the cigarette box.


Cosmos cigs are a combination of original taste and best tobacco. The name of these smoking cigarettes can be translated as “universe, world”. The initial flavor has strong overtones, but they quickly change into half celestial - half earthy flavor. These are the feelings that are created when smoking Cosmos cigarettes.

Cosmos cigarettes are made very well, holding the ash and burning evenly right to the filter. Smooth yet powerful! Not a bad smoke for the price it is sold. It would go well with a cold beer!

If you like bold flavor, these cigarettes would seem to accentuate your personality. However, it is a great social cigarette which wouldn’t grab you by the collar and shake you up demanding your attention. You can have a wonderful conversation punctuated by your thoroughly enjoyable smokes of these quality cigarettes. Besides that, the copious smoke has a very mild aroma and won’t be offensive to your non-smoking friends. It should definitely have a permanent place in your humidor!

The name “Cosmos” for a cigarette creates an impression that this smoking brand is a star in the tobacco industry. It was born under a lucky star, because there are many Eastern European cigarette smokers who prefer Cosmos tobacco and the number of them is increasing.

Cosmos will really surprise you. First by the price, it’s an everyday cigarette and second by the flavor. It’s just perfect!