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Doina cigarettes

Doina brand of cigarettes is probably the most successful tobacco products in the history of Moldovan tobacco market. It was launched almost 60 years ago, and has been enjoying a great reputation among adult smokers from both domestic market and neighboring countries.

The brand’s manufacturer, TUTUN-CTC, has been applying a lot of effort to improve its flagship brand ever since its introduction in 1954.

And the efforts paid off in 2008, when Doina brand was recognized in European Union, after winning golden medal at Global Tobacco Expo in Madrid, being distinguished for the innovative approach to tobacco production and processing.

In addition, Doina became the 10th best-selling brand in our tax-free cigarette store in 2009.

Doina cigarettes

The brand offers superior quality, bracing taste and captivating aroma for a very affordable price, what is vital for price-conscious smokers.

Doina cigarettes are manufactured in various strength and size styles, including:

- Doina Classic,

- Doina Soft Pack,

- Doina King size,

- Doina Lights,

- Doina Menthol,

- Doina Premium,

- Doina Premium Gold

However, according to experts, Doina Premium is best variety in Doina assortment, from the point of view of quality and flavor.

During the manufacture of Doina Premium cigs, TUTUN-CTC used an advanced technology of tobacco blending and selected finest sorts of tobacco. These cigarettes deliver an outstanding and invigorating aroma of caramel and vanilla. The charming aroma and taste of Doina Premium cigarettes have ensured their popularity, which keeps growing.

Doina Premium and Doina Premium Gold were developed to resemble small cigars, with their brown wrapping paper dipped with chocolate flavoring. At the same time, these cigarette correspond to European standards on safety, thanks to high-tech smoke filtration syste used during production of these cigs.

Therefore, if you were looking for a mid-value brand of great quality, you should definitely try Doina brand, especially as we offer you a unique opportunity to buy tax-free Doina cigarettes online in our discount tobacco shop.

Doina – the iconic Moldovan brand