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Dunhill cigarettes

Dunhill is such a legendary and amazing tobacco product that it simply needs no advertising. So, we are very proud to welcome Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes to our stock, introducing them to adult smokers, who tend to consume only products of premium quality.

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Manufactured by reputable British American Tobacco Dunhill Brand recently celebrated the centenary anniversary of its business. Just imagine, a hundred years of successful manufacture, innovations and only the best quality products – this fact is definitely worthy of trust.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes differ from all other brands available on the international tobacco market, with a special and revolutionary method of cutting tobacco leaves used for the production of this elite product.

During the processing, every inch of tobacco leaf is cut 46 times, two times thinner than for ordinary cigarettes, giving Dunhill Fine Cut a unique, inimitable, intense and at the same time refined taste. The finest sorts of tobacco imported from many corners of the world are blended in a particular way to make the flavor of Dunhill Fine Cut brand to be simply exceptional.

Moreover, these cigarettes contain no additives or artificial flavorings; they provide only pure and mild taste of tobacco, turning process of smoking into an outstanding experience.

In our online discount cigarette shop every adult cigarette-lover willing to try this superb tobacco product may select from the following styles of tax-free Dunhill Fine cut cigs:

Add the so-needed luxury to your life by getting Dunhill Fine Cut cigarette, which will inspire you and help you discover a whole new world of pleasure from a premium quality cigarette.