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Focus cigarettes

Focus cigarettes are produced by I.M. INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO company that was established on the 7th of November 2005 in Moldova, a small Eastern European country, which has great cigarette-making traditions.

Focus cigarettes pack

Focus cigarettes are manufactured from selected tobacco leaves grown in Italy and Slovenia. Focus cigarettes are produced only on German and British good quality equipment. While producing Focus cigarettes, manufacturers carry out into practice permanent quality supervision so as to improve taste and flavor qualities of Focus cigarettes and preserve the pure and perfect tobacco taste. The initial purpose of Focus cigarette producer is to guarantee the excellent characteristics of their cigarettes and do not economize on their quality.

Leaves of tobacco, which are kept in Focus cigarettes, grew in fortified soils with a precise control of all superb climatic parameters. All the technologies of tobacco arrangement were accomplished in agreement with all European Standards in order to that you realize really pleasant cigarettes’ taste. The Focus cigarettes’ taste is so nice with a pure and soft smoke.

This taste and flavor indeed let you enjoy it! These features make Focus cigarettes so famous among smoking people who desire to experience inimitable feelings of delight and contentment.

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Focus cigarettes contain: Tar - 10.0 mg, Nicotine - 0.9 mg (full-flavor) size: king-size (82mm)