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Gauloises cigarettes

Gauloises is a cigarette brand of French tobacco production. These cigarettes are manufactured by the Imperial Tobacco Company. Gauloises cigarettes appeared in 1910.

Gauloises cigarettes carton

Gauloises is a brand name that is world-wide famous for offering high quality tobacco with pleasant smell. Gauloises cigarettes history springs from 1910. At that period of time these cigarette brand was famous for comprising only dark varieties of tobacco, but after a number of years this blend has come to changes. Nowadays modern smokers can enjoy the genuine taste of Gauloises cigarettes. These cigarettes are based on light tobacco blend of American type, which was introduced in 1984, when the whole assortment of styles was re-launched and the cigarette brand was divided into various sub-brands: Gauloises Blondes Red, Gauloises Blondes Blue and Gauloises Blondes Cream.

The Gauloises brand is recognized by its cigarettes’ flavor richness, particularly in its initial unfiltered variant. Lower tar variants of Gauloises cigarettes are also available. They are sold in red and golden-white packets.

Gauloises cigarettes have powerful taste and romantic associations of France. This makes Gauloises a popular brand among a lot of renowned artists. Nowadays Gauloise cigarettes are still a popular brand all over the world because a majority of smokers appreciate their powerful, delightful taste and good quality tobacco smoke.

The Gauloises brand slogan is “Liberté toujours” what in English means “Freedom forever”.

Smoking Gauloises was as well advanced as an impost to the state value: some part of the benefits from their selling was settled to the Régie Française des Tabacs, a semi-governmental corporation occupied with regulation of the use of tobacco, particularly by juniors, and pointing its benefits to socially beneficial causes. The designers of the classic Gauloises packet strengthened ethnic self-awareness by choosing especially French shade of blue.