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Glamour cigarettes

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Being glamorous means being in high fashion, luxury and chic and today, our discount tobacco store gives its customers a chance to get their piece of glamour with the new cigarette brand, launched by Japan Tobacco International and named Glamour Superslims.

The manufacturer of Glamour brand, Japan Tobacco International, is one of the leading cigarette makers across the world, which gained flawless reputation among adult smokers with its application of advanced technologies and innovations as well as a large portfolio of cigarette brands, which includes the iconic Winston and Camel brands, along with such reputable brands as Mild Seven, Monte Carlo, LD, Silk Cut, Sobranie and Glamour.

Glamour brand was introduced to the European tobacco market in 2001, becoming the world’s first super slim cigarette. In less than a decade sales of Glamour cigarettes rose by astonishing 117 percent, contributing to the amazing success and recognition of this luxury tobacco product oriented for adult female smokers.

Glamour cigarettes own a remarkable feather-light flavor achieved by missing the finest quality tobaccos, carefully selected and imported from various countries, and blended with premium quality flavoring agents. Together, all these ingredients deliver a totally inimitable smoke with magnificent flavor and captivating aroma.

In addition to premium quality and superb flavor, this brand even looks beautiful, with ravishing and elegant packs – either usual flip-top, or narrower lipstick tube-shaped ones - featuring floral pattern.

It should be particularly mentioned that Glamour offers a menthol cigarette, which is especially popular among our customers, thanks to its refreshing, mild taste and top-of-the-line quality.

If you are willing to discover the world of passion, radiance and luscious flavor of this brand, you can simply buy Glamour Superslim cigarettes online in our tax-free cigarette store, choosing from the following flavors:

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