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Hilton cigarettes

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Hilton cigarette brand was launched in the 1970 by British American Tobacco, a world-known cigarette maker, famous among adult smokers with such iconic tobacco products as Dunhill, Vogue, Lucky Strike and other brands of premium quality.

Being available on the international market for four decades, Hilton brand achieved a flawless reputation of a of a discount cigarette brand with a superior flavor, achieved by mixing the best sorts of tobacco imported from various corners of the world.

In the last couple of years, the popularity of this brand was on the rise, as smokers turned to less expensive brands. Thus, today, Hilton cigarettes hold one of the leading places in low-cost cigarette category of the market, with many adult smokers already becoming loyal to this generic brand with invigorating taste and great quality.

Since Hilton is a product of British American Tobacco, a tobacco giant that is focused on the quality of tobaccos used in manufacture of its products and on development of the innovative technologies applied in order improve the safety of its brands, it complies to all the requirements on nicotine and tar quantities adopted in European Union.

Although Hilton cigarettes are not available for sale in cigarette stores throughout the United States, it can be easily purchased online, at

Therefore, stop spending a fortune on buying premium cigarette brands, as there are many magnificent low-cost cigarettes, like Hilton, which deliver the same super smoking experience but are much more affordable.

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