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Kent cigarettes

The Kent cigarettes were introduced in 1952 in the United States by Lorillard Tobacco Company. Kent brand was named after the famous former executive of Lorillard Tobacco Company Herbert Kent. From the day they were launched, Kent cigarettes were considered lighter and milder than all other cigarettes on the market.

Kent Nanotek cigarettes

Today the owner of Kent cigarettes brand is the British American Tobacco. Kent cigs are offered to the adult smokers in more than 70 countries all around the world, holding top positions in premium cigarette brands category of the international market.

In recent years British American Tobacco changed the concept of Kent cigarettes, introducing advanced Micronite filtering system made of activated charcoal, and modifying tobacco blend, contributing to making the flavor of Kent cigarettes more invigorating and intense.

In addition, BAT re-named existing styles of the brand and launched new, innovative ones. Today, tax-free Kent cigarettes are offered in our discount cigarette store in three lines: king-size Kent HD, compact size Kent Nanotek and landmark Kent Convertibles.

Kent HD is a traditional, king-size cigarette available in three strength versions:

  1. Kent HD Futura - former full-flavor smoke
  2. Kent HD Neo - milder and bracing smoke
  3. Kent HD Infinia - ultra-light smoke for the fans of low-nicotine cigarettes

Kent Nanotek represents the growing in popularity compact king-size style, and is especially liked by female smokers, due to its elegant pack design, tangy aroma and captivating flavor.

  1. Kent Nanotek Futura - the strongest of the three styles
  2. Kent Nanotek Neo - smoother and lighter version
  3. Kent Nanotek Infinia - very low-nicotine cigarette

Last year British American Tobacco introduced its newest Kent cigarette, Kent Convertibles with revolutionary capsules with menthol. These capsules are squeezed whenever the smoker wants to switch from regular cigarette flavor to refreshing menthol flavor.

Kent Convetibles - Tar: 4.0 mg; Nicotine: 0.3 mg