Non-Filter European Leana cigarettes at a discount price - $12.19 per carton

Leana cigarettes

“The good-old taste of the 1950’s”, that is how Leana cigarettes were characterized by one of our regular customers.

Leana cigarettes are completely different from the most popular cigarette brands that the majority of adult smokers are used to smoke. First of all, Leana cigarettes do not have filters. Don’t be surprised, the non-filtered cigarettes are still very popular among smokers who consider that filters can not help in reducing the penetration of toxic substances into the lungs but simply distort the original taste of tobacco.

Tutun-CTC cigarettes

The discount Leana cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, the largest cigarette-maker in Moldova, honored with many medals and quality certificates at international tobacco exhibitions. The manufacturer spent several years to create a particular tobacco formula that will fit with all the requirements of the customers.

Leana smokes are produced from the high-quality Oriental tobacco imported from Turkey. The experts from TUTUN-CTC avoided putting the flavor- additives to the tobacco formula so that the smokers could simply enjoy the rich and intense taste of the pure tobacco.

So, if you think that these 70mm- long cigarettes with a full strong taste are worth to be tried, you can order them now at our online discount cigarette store at the cheapest possible price, only $12.19 per carton.

And remember, the simple inexpensive tobacco products often can become the best friends for a smoker.