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Luceafar cigarettes

Luceafar brand was launched in 1980 by TUTUN-CTC, the largest tobacco company in Moldova. The brand became one of the best-sellers in the national market soon after its introduction, but it hadn’t stopped the manufacturer from applying considerable changes to both design of the packs and tobacco formula of Luceafar cigarettes.

Tutun-CTC logo

The new design of the these cigarettes’ packs was developed by Lausanne- based P. Lehman Consulting Group that also worked out a new marketing strategy for Luceafar cigarettes emphasizing. The name Luceafar means “Morning Star” in Romanian, and the marketers stressed that in accordance with an old legend the Morning Star heats up the passion in people’s souls, so as Luceafar cigarettes trigger feelings of joy and satisfaction during the process of smoking.

Yet, the most important modifications were applied to the inner part of Luceafar cigarettes. The experts changed the unique tobacco formula of these cigs to a better and bolder one by adding more than 20 sorts of top quality scrupulously selected oriental tobacco imported from Africa and Arabian countries. This modification led to a significant improvement in the taste and quality characteristics of Luceafar cigarettes.

The flavor of Luceafar cigarettes was also improved, and thanks to the honey natural aromatizing agents that perfectly harmonize with the flavor of tobacco and intensify the intense spicy taste of these cigs.

The premium quality of that cigarette brand was ensured by the European Union certificates on environment protection and health safety given to Luceafar and its manufacturer three years ago.

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