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Marengo cigarettes

Marengo cigarette is the first premium-class brand recently launched by the largest tobacco company in Moldova, TUTUN-CTC, famous among smokers for its excellent discount brands like Doina Lux and Doina Menthol.

Marengo cigarettes luxury

Exclusive tobacco formula of Marengo cigarettes was created by Swiss company Lehman Consulting that previously developed several world-famous cigarette brands. The tobacco formula of these premium-quality smokes includes more than 30 sorts of tobacco grown in different corners of the world from South America to Africa, which add a rich and sophisticated and at the same time mild taste, and a pleasant charming aroma, what turns the process of smoking into a unique and unforgettable pleasure from the first puff to the last one.

The creators of Marengo cigarettes have taken especial care of the safety of this brand, equipping the cigarettes with the most advanced and effective filters that dramatically reduce the exposure to harmful elements.

All these particular features make Marengo brand become a strong competitor in the premium class segment, along with such legendary brands as Parliament, Davidoff and Kent Nanotek.

The Marengo cigarettes are represented in three varieties:

  • 1. Marengo Forte;

  • 2. Marengo Legato;

  • 3. Marengo Piano.

These varieties differ in strength but identical in their highest-possible quality and ravishing taste.

So, if you are still looking for something refined and exclusive, try Marengo cigarettes, and you will never regret your selection, because these cigarettes are the genuine chick available in our online cigarette store at the lowest ever price.