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Marlboro cigarettes

Speaking about the world best selling tobacco product it is curious to observe its increasing status. Story of Marlboro brand cigarettes in the US began in 1902, when the tobacco products manufacturer Philip Morris, based in England opened a subsidiary for the several brands selling in New York.

Marlboro Man advertisement

The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street, the place of its origin, London factory. Richmond, Virginia, is currently the location of the largest Marlboro cigarettes’ factory. Initially, Marlboro appeared as a lady smoking cigarette under the slogan “Mild as May” Now, it has been redesigned and re-produced as a brand associated with men.

Marlboro brand symbolizes the American lifestyle through the image mainly of an American hero – a coarse cowboy who, at the same time, is a survivor and a winner. Marlboro cigarettes unite real men regardless they are prosperous businessmen, famous politicians, policemen, firefighters, construction workers or farmers.

The continuous spread of Marlboro cigarets on the market of tobacco products all over the world makes it one of the leading brands that will never disappear and will never be replaced - “No day goes by without Marlboros”

As Marlboro cigarettes are the most popular brand of cigarettes in America and one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world today, it is easy to find lots of great offers regarding Marlboro cigarettes. If you live in a state where the taxes are very high and you are a regular smoker, you have come to the right place for buying the most inexpensive cigarettes you may ever find:

  1. Marlboro Red is the original, strong version
  2. Marlboro Gold - former Marlboro Lights
  3. Marlboro Silver - former Marlboro Ultra Lights

Enjoy smoking Marlboro!