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MT cigarettes

MT cigarette brand

MT brand was developed in the 1990s and intended for middle-income adult smokers, looking for an inexpensive tobacco product with high quality features.

MT cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC Tutun-CTC, a reputable cigarette maker from Eastern Europe, which specializes on production of low-cost cigarette brands, among which are the famous Temp, Cosmos and Doina brands.

In an attempt to enhance the taste of MT cigarettes, the manufacturer’s experts added tobacco leaf veins to the base of tobacco composition, comprised from the finest sorts of Burley, Virginia and Oriental tobaccos, which together make the taste of these cigarettes more intense and invigorating.

The tobacco was also blended with natural flavoring agents to give the ready-made cigarettes a richer and bolder taste. In addition, the cigarettes have been equipped with advanced mono-acetate 27mm-long filters since 2008, in order to comply with the European standards on tobacco production.

MT brand belongs to semi-aromatized full-flavor cigarettes of American blend type, offered in king size.

All these features make MT brand very successful among both local and foreign adult smokers, who appreciate the magnificent combination of premium quality, moderate price and rich flavor MT cigarettes provide.

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MT brand features:

  • Type: American Blend
  • Size: king-size (85mm)
  • Nicotine: 0.8mg (full-flavor)
  • Tar: 10mg
  • Pack: hard pack, 20 cigarettes per pack.