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Nistru cigarettes

Nistru brand is one of just a handful of cigarettes available in our discount tobacco store that come without filters.

Modern cigarette industry has been increasingly focused on production of filtered cigarettes, making it very problematic to find a good quality non-filtered cigarette on the international market.

Nistru River near Soroca

At the same time, there are many smokers across the world, who still love the unspoiled taste of natural tobacco, without additives and filters. Exactly for these smokers MyDiscountCigarette.Net offers generic Nistru non-filter cigarette brand, one of the best-selling unfiltered cigarette brands selling across the web.

This discount tobacco brand could fit the needs of those adult tobacco smokers, who are loyal to the genuine tobacco flavor of non-filtered cigarettes.

Nistru is manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, a prominent cigarette maker based in the Republic of Moldova. This company obtained great reputation together with many international prizes and awards thanks to the magnificent quality and affordability of the products it makes.

The superb quality of Nistru cigarettes is achieved by blending finest sorts of Aromatic tobaccos that deliver bracing and rich flavor, one of the major properties of these cigarettes.

Nistru non-filtered cigs belong to Oriental blend type, providing tangy taste and brilliant aroma. The cigarettes measure 70mm-long and are packed in cardboard soft packs, granting a more retro-style experience.

If you are willing to buy tax-free Nistru cigarettes, you can simply order them in our online tobacco shop, as we receive this brand directly from the official manufacturer, thus, we guarantee the best freshness of this product, and its lowest possible price.

If you believe that only a cigarette without filter can ensure the real pleasure of tobacco smoking, then Nistru brand will be a perfect match for you.