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Orbita cigarettes

Orbita - have your piece of space inside a cigarette

Orbita cigarette brand is one of the most well-known brands produced by Moldavian tobacconist TUTUN-CTC, recognized by many awards for highest quality of its products and hugely popular on Eastern Europe and Middle East tobacco markets. TUTUN-CTC is also famous for such cigarette brands as Doina, Marengo, Astra.

Orbita - high-quality European cigarettes

The Orbita cigaretts are made using the traditional tobacco blending technique, where several sorts of Oriental aromatic tobacco gathered on the sun-ripened fields in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Turkey.

In order to decrease the amount of harmful chemicals in the smoke of these cigarettes, and give them a smoother taste, the manufacturer added ampliate tobacco leaf veins in the tobacco blend.

Overall, the makers have elaborated a brand which is enigmatic from its content to its name, which is traduced from Romanian as Orbit. The name of these cigarettes has a special figurative meaning, specifying the exclusiveness of this brand. Such brands like Orbita are intended for those smokers who are always willing to experiment with new brands.

The unique features peculiar to Orbita brand include an uncompromising strong flavor that gives a burst of confidence and strength from the very first puff. The superior quality of these cigarettes will rejoice any smoker, who shows enough courage to try them.

Orbita cigarttes are produced with an effective filter technology and are 80mm long. They are selling in soft packs. These cigarettes have a rather high amount of nicotine and tar – 1.3mg and 15mg correspondingly, so they will suit real he-men who prefer something stronger than ordinary cigarettes.

And the last but not least, the Orbita cigrettes have a relatively low-price, which is a very important factor at the time of recession. So, don’t hesitate, order these strong, but pleasant cigarette, and experience a whole new range of satisfaction from a smoking process.