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Pall Mall cigarettes

Pall Mall – the resurgent legend of cigarette industry

Pall Mall is one of the oldest cigarette brands still hugely popular in more than 100 countries. These cigarettes initially hit the stores’ shelves back in 1899 and were intended for the upper class wealthy smokers.

Pall Mall cigarettes poster

Few years later this premium brand was purchased by American Tobacco Co., the then leading tobacco company in the USA. Pall Mall became the most innovative brand, as the manufacturer used to launch a large number of new developments under Pall Mall brand name, including the new ways of blending tobacco, and even now famous king-size cigs and the 100s also saw the world for the first time as Pall Malls.

The brand was number one seller across American in the ‘1960s, but then lost its popularity and has almost been forgotten by adult smokers throughout the world. But things changed in the beginning of the 21st Century, when the new owner of Pall Mall, RJ Reynolds Co (and British American Tobacco, which produces these cigarettes outside of U.S.) initiated a massive promotional campaign to revive Pall Mall brand.

Currently, Pall Mall enjoys an enormous rise of popularity that prompted its rise to the 5th place in the list of the best-selling cigarette brands in the world.

According to Pall Mall-lovers, these cigarettes offer a superb quality combined with mild smoking experience and moderate price. These features are the key to the success of any product, since no smoker will be left indifferent after enjoying these advantages.

Our online cigarette store offers Pall Mall brand in the following variation:

  • Red – (Full Flavored); length 85 mm; nicotine: 0.9mg; tar: 12mg;
  • Blue – (Lights); length 85 mm; nicotine: 0.6mg; tar: 8mg;
  • Amber – (Ultra Lights); length 85 mm; nicotine: 0.3mg; tar: 4mg;
  • Silver - length 85 mm; nicotine: 0.1mg; tar: 1mg;
  • Blue Slims - length 100 mm; nicotine: 0.7mg; tar: 7mg;
  • Amber Slims – length 100 mm; nicotine: 0.4mg; tar: 4mg;
  • Aromatic Slims and Pall Mall Twist Slims

Try Pall Malls, become a part of the legend.