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Parliament cigarettes

Feel the Taste of Luxury

Parliament cigarettes are virtually considered to be one of the most exclusive and ravishing brands ever created by cigarette industry. These cigarettess are expensive, but they are worth every cent an experienced smoker spends on them, since these smokes offer a unique combination of rich and chic taste and simply magnificent quality. These features turn process of smoking Parliament cigarettes into an unforgettable experience, which cigarette-lovers are eager to repeat every day.

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Moreover, Parliament cigs will offer you a genuine opportunity to join the elite community of smokers who prefer this brand.

The manufacturer of Parliament cigarettes is Philip Morris International, the leading tobacconist in the world. This high-profile company is well-known for the innovative approach to its products and willingness to make the cigarettes less harmful, by developing the most advanced and effective filters.

We are totally confident that the inimitable quality, laconic pack-design and a large assortment of size and strength varieties will help every smoker select its own Parliament cigarette that will suit even the most fastidious requirements.

In our online cigarette shop we offer the following varieties of Parliament cigaretes

  • Parliament Aqua Blue – former Lights; length: 80 mm (king-size); Tar: 6 mg, nicotine: 0.5 mg

  • Parliament Silver Blue – former Ultra Lights; length: 80 mm (king-size); Tar: 4 mg, nicotine: 0.4 mg

  • Parliament One – contain the least amount of nicotine and tar: 0.1mg and 1 mg correspondingly; length: 80 mm (king-size)

  • Parliament Reserve – compact size slims; length: 80mm; width: 5mm; Tar: 4 mg, nicotine: 0.4 mg

  • Parliament Super Slims – the most slender Parliament cig; length: 100 mm, Tar: 4 mg, nicotine: 0.4 mg

Parliament - get in touch with the legend.