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Plai cigarettes

Plai…What does it mean? This name seems to be strange for all of you, except the Romanians, for whom this word signifies everything as the word “plai” is an authentic Romanian word which denotes “homeland”.

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There is no man that does feel the sense of warmth towards his motherland, wherever it can be. Each of you has your own home country where you feel calm, relaxed, and free. What do you feel when you think of your native land? Definitely, you remember your parents, friends, favorite places where you have spent much time, in a word everything that compels thrilling your heart.

The prime tobacco producing company of Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC, invented this exclusive smoking brand that also thrills you. As you have already surmised, the name of it is Plai. Producing this cigarette, the maker resorted to combination of selected extra-fine tobacco that tincture to it ravishing rich flavor and fantastic aroma. Having taken the first puff of this cig, your thoughts will travel back to the past, to the time when you were happy and carefree.

Plai discount tobacco excels not only by its perfect smoking features but by its price segment too. This is another surprise of TUTUN CTC, which thinks both of its benefits and of its customers. That’s why it launched fags at moderate price.

In order to be convinced, you should just drop by our online smoking tobacco shop and look through the assortment of cigarettes and their incredible prices. In case you took interest in Plai trademark (tar volume: 15.0 mg; nicotine volume: 1.2 mg; size: 80 mm), place an order and you will get this smoking item in a little while.