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Plugarul cigarettes

Plugarul cigarette brand is one of the flagship brands of TUTUN-CTC, one of the most widely-recognized cigarette manufacturers in Eastern Europe, famous for the great quality and moderate price of its tobacco products.

tax-free Plugarul cigarettes

Plugarul brand is one of the few brands available in our product range, which comes without filters. We offer only 4 non-filter cigarette brands, and Plugarul is one of the top-selling products in this category.

The brand is selling in the low-end segment, being a nice offering for the adult smokers with low and middle income, who are looking for a quality smoke.

The name of the brand - “Plugarul” – can be translated to English from Romanian as a worker who plows up the field, this is an allegoric name, symbolizing that Plugarul cigarettes were especially created for self-confident and powerful adult men.

And many smokers understood the appeal of Plugarul cigarettes and turned to these generic cigarettes that provide truly magnificent smoking experience.

King-size Plugarul cigs are distinguished by authentic taste of natural tobaccos grown in Moldova in eco-friendly environment.

As Plugarul cigarettes do not have filters, they are more preferred by older generations of smokers, who are loyal to stronger smoke with higher amounts of nicotine. In addition, these cigarettes do not contain that many harmful ingredients as the popular filtered brands, but are based on natural ingredients.

Plugarul brand comes in soft packs with laconic while and black color pattern.

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Plugarul cigarettes Properties:

  • tar volume: 18.0 mg;

nicotine volume: 1.3 mg;

size: 80 mm.