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Richmond cigarettes

Richmond Cherry cigarettes – the sweet taste of nature

Richmond Cherry cigarettes dramatically differ from all other brands available in our discount cigarette store. This major difference can be easily perceived even by non-smokers: upon opening the pack of Richmond cigaretes you will immediately feel the sweet and gorgeous smell of cherry that will instantly get you back to your carefree childhood with its fruit gums and cherry lollipops.

Real cherry cigarette bomb

Besides the one-of-a-kind smell, experienced smokers will simply enjoy the exclusive quality of these cigarettes, famous for their unique tobacco formula, which comprises several sorts of premium quality tobacco, carefully selected and blended in order to grant an unbelievable pleasure from the very first puff.

Richmond brand is a masterpiece created for those cigarette-lovers, who are not simply used to lighting up on a regular basis, but have a habit of experiencing unforgettable emotions from smoking process; for those who are able o afford these luxury cherry-dipped smokes.

Richmond cigarettes are produced by Richmond Tobacco Co, a subdivision of Imperial tobacco, the fourth-largest tobacco company in the world. The maker of these cigarettes has been counting more than a century of successful operation and production of superior valued brands like Richmond.

Richmond Cherry was made from the highest quality 100% Natural Pipe Tobacco with addition of aromatizing agents of natural origin.

Richmond cherry cigarettes brand offers its smokers a unique chance of having a strong puff on the one hand and a gentle and mild flavor at the other hand in one single cigarette.

So, if you are interested in these superb cigarettes, you can visit our discount store and order them straight away, and we are confident that you will never be disappointed.

Richmond Cherry cigarette – length: 80 mm; Nicotine: 0.7 mg; Tar: 8 mg