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Ritm cigarettes

Ritm cigarettes are produced from high quality tobacco which is cultivated and carefully picked on the tobacco plantations in Italy and Greece. All advanced and high-quality technologies for making these superb cigarettes are imported from European countries.

Ritm cigarettes pack

Ritm brand is produced by International Tobacco, a well-known tobacco company headquartered in the Republic of Moldova, in correspondence to International quality standards.

The name of this refined cigarette brand comes from the English word “rhythm”. If you are not against new emotions, experience Ritm cigarettes and show yourself off!

The packs of Ritm cigarettes are made of a dense paper packaging and contain 20 cigarettes.

The blend of several best quality tobacco types gives Ritm cigarettes a strong and fresh flavor. Have a Ritm cigarettes smoke and you will like it!

Ritm cigarettes provide superior quality and unique mild taste. These cigarettes are able to produce a real unforgettable effect. Smokers have paid attention to these cigarettes long ago.

Ritm cigarettes can cheer you up and give energy in the morning; relieve stress and pressure during the day. They definitely deliver pleasant taste of tobacco burning. Inimitable aftertaste that can not be confused to any other taste is a true distinguishing feature of these cigarettes. In addition, Ritm brand is selling at a pleasantly low price, which would be appreciated by middle-income smokers.

Our online cigarette store is always glad to receive your order! Ritm Classic cigarettes pack contains 12.0 mg of tar and 0.9 mg of nicotine.