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Temp cigarettes

Temp cigarettes are a great offer for energetic, powerful, dynamic and confident people. These cigarettes have a very particular flavor. This brand of cigarettes has a splendid taste and good aroma. TUTUN CTC Tobacco Company has created Temp cigarettes particularly for men who do not like commonness and standards.

Temp cigarettes are a mixture of various tobaccos: Virginia, Maryland, Oriental and Burley. That is why taste of Temp cigarettes is unique and distinguished. TUTUN CTC Tobacco Company is the largest cigarette maker in the Eastern Europe, with its products selling very well in many countries.

Temp cigarettes and Tutun-CTC tobacco

Temp cigarettes brand has received many international awards for its high quality. In 2000, in Paris, TUTUN CTC got “World quality commitment award”. In addition, in 2001, this brand was awarded with “Medaille Dor SPI” in Paris. In 1998, the tobacco products of TUTUN CTC were given “International golden star for quality” in Madrid.

The producer applied the production technology used in making of American cigarettes in the course of the production of Temp cigarettes. Processing and mixing with aromatizing additives which were worked up by prominent companies in this field.

As well as international experts, thousands of adult smokers recognized the good quality and great flavor of these cigarettes.

Temp cigarettes are equipped with filters, packed in a hard pack, in amounts of 20. These cigarettes provide particular mono-acetate filters with splendid features and good filtration capability. The length of Temp cigarette is 80 mm.

Temp is available in the following assortment:

Temp Export cigarettes are regarded as the most successful style in Temp brand assortment from the point of demand and quality. The experts of Swiss Company P. Lehmann Consulting participated in production of these cigarettes. Temp cigarettes conform to American Blend type and comply with European standards.

Temp Export cigarettes contain 0.8mg of nicotine and 10mg of tar. They have excellent and saturated taste and strong aroma. Try alluring and seductive taste of Temp cigarettes!