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Virginia cigarettes

Virginia Super Slims is a legendary cigarette brand developed by Philip Morris USA in 1968 and intended for young self-confident women who sought emancipation and rights’ equality. The first marketing campaign of Virginia Slims was carried out under a slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby”, marking the women’s efforts in the struggle to obtain possibility to live their own lives in independence and make their own decisions.

Virginia super slims cigarette poster

In the 1990s the brand’s motto was updated to “It’s a woman thing”, so that the brand could be associated with a product made only for women and praising their elegance and beauty. And now Virginia Super Slims have become the golden standard in the category of women’s cigarettes, and the inimitable accessory for millions of women across the world.

Virginia Slims cigarettes are manufactured from the finest sorts of premium tobacco, comprised in American blend of outstanding quality.

In our online cigarette store, we offer Virginia brand made by Philip Morris International. The tobacco blend of these cigarettes is equal to that selling in the United States, but their width is smaller than in Virginia Slims, as according to its maker, it results in emitting less tobacco smoke when smoking.

Discount Virginia Super Slims are available in three styles, differing by strength:

Moreover, several years ago PMI pleased the fans of Virginia cigarettes brand in Europe, by introducing a flawless addition to the product family, which was named Virginia Slims Uno. Available in two versions – Virginia Slims Uno are packed in refined and ravishing packs, so slender, that they barely resemble simple cigarette packs, looking like a glamorous lipstick.

Virginia Slims Uno Black and Virginia Slims Uno White are remarkably slick, long and light, and definitely worthy to be tried

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