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Wind cigarettes

Wind cigarettes are the production of I.M. «INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO» SRL. It is a new and active company situated in Eastern Europe. The company works in cooperation with German producers. It manufactures such cigarette brands as Avalon, Focus, Prefect and Ritm.

Wind cigarettes pack

The company is working with best quality equipment imported from Great Britain and Germany. The proprietor of tobacco factory realizes permanent control of quality processing so that to improve the taste features of all smoking products. All cigarettes manufactured by I.M.

INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO S.R.L. conform to standards of International Organization for Standardization. The major preference of this successful and flourishing enterprise - to guarantee product premium aromatization features and perfect high quality of their tobacco products.

Wind filtered cigarettes are made from the best quality tobacco sorts brought from various European countries. These cigarettes give an incomparable real and soft taste.

Wind cigarettes have a simple moderate pack design. The pack is presented in blue color that symbolizes a tender and lively wind. The blue color is soothing color; it contributes to physical and mental relaxation and creates an atmosphere of security and confidence. These cigarettes are designed for creative people. If you want to relax - try Wind cigarettes. With the Wind cigarettes you will be in harmony with yourself and others.

Pleasant and incomparable taste will give you the feeling of relaxation and conciliation during the whole day. We will be glad to know that this cigarette brand is your favorite. Many smokers recognize indeed good taste of these cigarettes.

Don’t doubt and try these cigarettes and you will be inspired with power and strength.

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Wind Flavor cigarettes pack contains 9.0 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.