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Zimbru cigarettes

If You are a self-confident, courageous, fearless person who goes right through and doesn’t see any barriers and limits, then Zimbru cigarettes are what you need. Namely this cigarette brand will properly accentuate your state, character and nature, and is more than worthy to be tried.

Buffalo - Zimbru cigarettes symbol

Zimbru is one of the strongest tobacco products manufactured by TUTUN CTC. This reputed tobacco company based in Moldova, is famous for its low-cost cigarette brands of premium quality, including Temp, Cosmos and Doina, the brands that are highly popular among our adult customers.

The name of Zimbru brand is translated from Romanian as “ox”, symbolizing that these cigarettes are as strong as this wild animal.

From the moment you open a pack of Zimbru cigs you will be captivated by the bold aroma of full-flavor tobacco that will definitely stir up your imagination. However, the most important part is still to come. Just light up one of these great cigarettes and you will feel inimitable pleasure from tasting bracing taste of natural tobacco flavor, without any additives.

The unique tobacco blend of Zimbru cigarettes can not be compared to any other tobacco product available in our tax-free cigarette store. Zimbru cigs are produced from Oriental tobaccos cultivated in Turkey, allowing smokers to feel the impeccable aroma, bracing smoke and unforgivable pleasure.

Discount Zimbru cigarettes are packed in a soft reddish-white pack with an ox in the middle. These are full-flavor, king-size cigarettes, selling at a dramatically low price.

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