All available News for 2013, by months:

Published on December 6th, 2013 00:00

Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco are acquiring 40 % stakes in their Russian supplier Megapolis for $1.5 bln, fortifying their hold being the second biggest cigarette market by volume afte ... read more »

Published on August 14th, 2013 00:00

Smoking on the Hawaii's beaches will be banned starting from January 1, 2014, while using cigarettes in parks, pools and bus stations will also be against the law.The ban will be forgone by a campai ... read more »

Published on August 1st, 2013 00:00

This week New York is remembering the tenth anniversary of its smoke-free law that is applicable to all office buildings, restaurants and bars."The introduction of New York State's Clean Indoor Air ... read more »

Published on July 8th, 2013 00:00

A sophisticated curved Camel White and Camel Black cigarettes will be available for sale in all convenience stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa starting with early August 2013.On July, 7, Japan Tobacco Inc ... read more »

Published on July 5th, 2013 00:00

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is delighted to present a new design for its luxury cigarette brand, Silk Cut.The new look of the Silk Cut package is developed according to the modern tendencies, s ... read more »

Published on June 27th, 2013 00:00

Japan Tobacco International is incorporating the changes into the line of its well-known Roll Your Own (RYO) brand Old Holborn with the release of innovative Holborn Smooth Taste.Gaining from the hi ... read more »

Published on April 25th, 2013 00:00

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court turned down a challenge by tobacco companies to a controversial federal legislation adopted in 2009, which required graphic health warnings on cigarettes. The court re ... read more »

Published on April 16th, 2013 00:00

The proposal to implement a nearly twofold increase in federal tobacco tax, introduced by President Barack Obama earlier in April, would bring tax to $1.95 per pack of cigarettes and reduce sales volu ... read more »

Published on April 12th, 2013 00:00

Shares of the world’s leading cigarette maker Philip Morris International achieved 52-week high, totaling $95.42 on April 10, as analysts are looking forward to the results of the first quarter ... read more »

Published on March 28th, 2013 00:00

Korea’s major cigarette maker, KT&G, continues to be the leading player in the domestic market outdistancing multinational tobacco corporations. In 2012, the group accounted for 62 percent s ... read more »