4 new menthol Winston products to be released in December 2015

On October, 19 Japan Tobacco Inc. has declared that it will release 4 new menthol products from Winston, the second biggest tobacco brand worldwide: ''Winston XS Spirits Menthol 8 Box'', ''Winston XS Spirits Menthol 5 Box'', ''Winston XS Spirits Menthol One 100's Box'' and ''Winston XS Inazma Menthol 5 Box''. All new products will be introduced across the United States at the beginning of December 2015.

In step with the company's target to regularly meet the choices of smokers, Japan Tobacco has developed a collection that lets a number of tastes to be enjoyed under the upgraded Winston brand. Moreover, the tobacco company is pleased to present three products from a new taste category of menthol, the bitter-type XS Spirits Line. In the mean time, JT is happy to launch the new ''Winston XS Inazama Menthol 5 Box'' from the straight-type XS Inazma Line, which is already available to buy.

Winston cool XSpression

With the new bitter-type ''XS Spirits Line'' menthol taste type a capsule is already a part of the filter. Before smashing the capsule, smokers can enjoy the relaxing sensation of strong menthol. After smashing, a bitter, abundant and mellow taste with cool feeling can be experienced. These menthol products are totally innovative to the market.

The new packaging features the products' unique characteristics, implementing a deep green for the foundation color combined with a graphic of warm colors to symbolize the cool taste spread out from the capsule.

Under the straight menthol taste type, the ''XS Inazma Line'' products give an energizing, electric feeling. These goods allow smokers to enjoy a refreshing sensation along with a clear taste.

The packaging discloses the specific qualities of these products – a strong, refreshing taste produced by menthol – with a black basic color and a green XS theme.

With the introduction of these four new menthol products, JT promotes product collection of Winston brand and is convinced of regularly further satisfying Winston consumers.

Japan Tobacco Inc. is one of the biggest global tobacco organizations. It presents its cigarette brands for sale in over 100 countries. The most well-known brands are Winston, Camel, Mevius and LD.