Luxembourg Increases Tobacco Prices

In February, Luxembourg smokers will face an increase on all tobacco products, according to Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna.

Actually, the new price-increase was already introduced on February 1 without an official statement.

This rise was put in place following a suggestion report called “Plan national de Lutte contre le Tabagisme”(nationwide strategy to battle tobacco) for the time period of 2016 to 2020. Representatives of the new plan stated that a regular raise in the taxation of tobacco products and its by-products, should be placed into force.

 Increase in Tobacco Prices

What this indicates is that, for instance, a package of 25 Marlboro cigarettes currently costs EUR 6.30.

As to loose fine-cut tobacco, special excise duty will increase from EUR 12, 50 per kg to EUR 14 per kilo.

Other tobacco products have also experienced a price boost of distinct amounts.