Philip Morris upgrades the design of Marlboro cigarette packs

Philip Morris Limited has upgraded the designs for Marlboro, the leading cigarette brand in the UK. Marlboro Red, Marlboro Silver Blue, Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Ice Blast and Marlboro White Menthol will be available on the market at the same time from early February.

The packaging and product look renovations reveal the regular development of the cigarette brand during its 90 year history, but the taste continues to be the same - what is important.

Marlboro New Designs

The new cigarette packs have maintained the famous Marlboro quarter but now highlight a soft touch finish and a cleaner, more stylish design. The smokes have new tipping paper designs and have been advanced to involve a firm filter, making the new Marlboro cigarette collection distinctive to the market place.

Philip Morris managing director for the UK and Ireland, Martin Inkster mentioned: "Marlboro always is in the forefront and we have made the bold step to renovate the product to guarantee that adult smoking people get the most premium smoking experience. The new Marlboro packaging distinguishes the brand from the other brands, fortifies Marlboro's brand qualifications, and above all, includes the world's leading cigarette collection. We have also put in firm filters which provide quality smokers can feel, and a cleaner way to stub out your cigarette.

Marlboro Red New Design

"Marlboro has been the worldwide leader since 1972 and it is also the most popular and preferred. At an important time for merchants, we are upgrading the Marlboro brand to assure it keeps bringing them good earnings from the highly successful premium segment.

"Even though the famous Marlboro brand is changing, the taste is not changing. This essential information will be presented through our national field force who are operating directly with merchants to transmit understanding, accessibility and market share."