Winston got slimmer, launched in new compact slim format

Currently Philip Morris International markets Marlboro Gold Edge, Red & White and L&M in compact super slims, while British American Tobacco introduced Pall Mall Nanokings. The sale volumes of super slim cigarettes are growing by mind-blowing 25-30 percent annually, contributing to overall market growth of 1%.

Winston XS Blue Nano

The new extension of Winston brand family, named Winston XS Blue and Winston XS Silver will be selling in the same price segment as traditional styles of the popular cigarette brand. According to JTI spokesman, Anna Kerber, the sales of the new Winston XS will begin from Eastern Europe, while the cigarettes will be manufactured in Russian city of Saint Petersburg, where the largest manufacturing unit of JTI is located.

Super Slims cigarette category is a new, but fastest-growing category of international tobacco market. According to ACNielsen reports, this category grew by 5 times from 2004 to 2011, showing the largest growth tobacco industry has ever seen.

Winston is the best-selling brand for Japan Tobacco International, and second top-selling cigarette brand in the world. According to industry reports, Winston holds nearly 8,5 percent of international tobacco market, only behind Marlboro.

Red&White Super Slims Shine

Japan Tobacco International is not the first international tobacco giant to launch compact size super slim version of its flagship brand. Earlier this year, its main rival, Philip Morris International introduced low-cost Red&White Super Slims Rich and Red&White Super Slims Shine.

The world’s leading tobacco company also launched Marlboro Gold Edge and L&M Blu-83, while British American Tobacco created Pall Mall Nanokins Blue and Pall Mall Nanoking Amber and compact version of its flagship Kent brand, named Kent Nanotek. According to BAT reports, the two new brands account for 6 percent of compact slim cigarettes segment.

Vogue Super Slims Menthe

Industry experts confirm that major tobacco companies have been increasingly focused on super slim segment lately, due to its fast growth. Slim and super slim cigarette segment is growing by as much as 30 percent annually, currently representing 17 percent of the total tobacco market.

According to the market analysis by ACNielsen, Vogue Super Slims is the leading brand in the slim segment, trailed by Esse Super Slims and Glamour Super Slims. At the same time, super slim styles of popular brands, such as Marlboro, Winston and Kent grow faster, as they are promoted by the long-standing reputation of their brand lines among adult smokers.