Best-selling cigarette brands of 2010

Last week we have checked the annual sales and made up out traditional Top 10 of the top-selling cigarette brands of the year. Here are the brands that our customers like the most:

  1. Marlboro
  2. Winston
  3. Camel
  4. Red & White
  5. Parliament
  6. Viceroy
  7. Hilton
  8. L&M
  9. Classic
  10. Lucky Strike

Marlboro is our top-seller for the fourth year in a row, but of course it’s not a big surprise, because Marlboro has been the world’s popular cigarettes since the 1970s.

Marlboro Red

Yet, it’s interesting that in 2010 the Eastern European division of Philip Morris launched 3 new varieties of its legendary brand: Marlboro Gold Edge, Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus Extra, but none of these brands became popular among the customers, who stayed loyal to Marlboro Red and Marlboro Gold.

Winston Blue slims cigarettes pack

Winston, the key global brand of Japan Tobacco International, finished the year on the strong second place, but showing a growth in sales. In addition, Winston Super Slims made it to our top 7 of the top selling slims brands, less than a year after its launch.

One of the oldest brands in tobacco industry, Camel earned the third place in our list. Also the JTI’s flagship brand, Camel is selling in 3 classic varieties only, and despite this, many adult smokers are loyal to the brand.

The fourth place of Red & White brand was a major shock for us, since this discount brand manufactured by Philip Morris International is not selling in the USA, so it’s a huge success for the brand and another proof that Philip Morris’s products are distinguished by supreme quality and great flavor.

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White narrowly outstripped fellow PMI brand Parliament which went to the fifth place down from the fourth place in 2009. PMI experts believe this luxury brand has lost its market share this year as smokers are turning to less expensive brands in an attempt to cut expenses.

Viceroy, British American Tobacco leading discount brand enjoyed a great year, showing a double-digit growth in popularity among our customers, and this trend is likely to continue, as Viceroy rose to the 4th place according to the sales in October and occupies this place since then.

Hilton earned 7th position in our list, showing yet another excellent performance and going 2 places up in our top-ten versus the 9th place it earned in 2009. Produced by British American Tobacco, Hilton comes in 2 styles and is preferred by smokers who are used to stronger smoke.

L&M silver cigarettes

L&M is another Philip Morris brand making into our Top 10 this year, though it has gone one place down in 2010, from the 7th place a year before.

The only Imperial Tobacco brand in our list, Classic brand found itself on the 9th position in our list down from its initial success in 2009, when it climbed to 6th place. Still, it’s a great success for this discount brand.