British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco is the second largest tobacco company in the world. Moreover, it is presented in the highest number of markets across the globe, in comparison to its major rivals.

A history of success

The company was established more than a century ago, in 1902 as a joint venture between London-based Imperial Tobacco Company and American Tobacco Company, which dominated U.S tobacco market in the beginning of the 20th Century.

British American Tobacco logo

It is curios that initially, British American Tobacco operated on such markets as Canada, Germany, other European countries, South Africa and Australia, but not in USA or UK as the name of the company suggested.

Though American Tobacco Company divested its shares in BAT in 1911, the company kept developing and increasing its presence in the strategic tobacco markets across the world, by acquiring local tobacco companies.

In 1927, BAT purchased Brown & Williamson, successfully entering the US tobacco market. By this time, BAT becomes the leading tobacco company in the world. By 1970, the company was presented on more than 50 markets. However, the most dramatic breakthrough came in the 1990s, when BAT acquired tobacco plants in such giant cigarette markets as Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Indonesia and other countries.

Today, BAT sells its tobacco products in more than 180 brands, being the leading tobacconist in 50 of them. The company is a proud manufacturer of more than 300 brands that are selling around the world. It holds 14% share in the worldwide cigarette market, meaning that the cigarettes produced by British American Tobacco are preferred by every eighth adult smoker in the world.

Cigarettes production

British American Tobacco produces nearly 715 billion cigarettes in 49 manufacturing units located in 41 countries. The company also makes cigars, pipe and loose tobacco, and innovative smokeless tobacco products. The company employs almost 50,000 people worldwide.

Tobacco growing

British American Tobacco is the only international tobacco company, which is growing tobacco leaves, by employing thousands of tobacco growers throughout the world. Such tobacco farms are operating in 19 countries, mainly in the developing ones, providing BAT with premium quality tobacco and giving workplaces for thousands of people.

Major growth brands

The astonishingly large brand portfolio of British American Company includes such world-famous cigarette brands as:

  • Pall Mall (outside of the USA) – the BAT’s leading global brand and the fifth top-selling cigarette brand in the world;
  • Lucky Strike - one of the oldest and most legendary cigarette brands, still hugely popular in global tobacco market;
  • Viceroy – the best-selling brand in the low-end segment of the European market;
  • Vogue – premium cigarette brand famous among female-smokers;
  • Kent – an international drive brand, considered to be the most innovative product of the company;
  • Dunhill – a top-seller in the high-end category in the major markets, including the UK, Australia, and Russia.

Other famous international brands:

  • Kool;
  • Benson &Hedges (outside of UK);
  • State Express 555;
  • Capri;
  • Rothmans;
  • John Player;
  • Winfield; etc