How to eliminate cigarette smoke

There is no adult in our country that is not aware about a bunch of personal habits, which are dangerous not only to people who have these habits but everyone around them. And smoking is definitely one of such pernicious habits. As smokers’ rates differ from place to place, varying from 10 percent in Sweden to 45 percent in Japan, the larger part of people across the globe are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, which is without doubt one of the stinkiest odors met in our life. Whereas it can be problematic to remove the smoke in public spaces, it will pose no difficulty to eliminate it in smaller areas, like rooms.

So, if you have no arguments to convince smokers to go out to have a puff, you may make use of the following strategies to get rid of tobacco smell in you house.

Ways to remove cigarette odor:

Aromatherapy candles
  1. Purchase aromatherapy candles, eucalyptus leaves or potpourri (mix of dried flower petals) and put in the rooms where you allow your relatives to smoke. The dried flowers will absorb the smoke and stops its penetration to other areas.
  2. If your family members are used to smoking inside the house, try to persuade them to light outside. If you failed in your efforts, purchase specific closed ashtrays that would retain the ash, butts, and the smoke produced by them. In case some of your relatives light up in the house, try to convince them to go outside for a smoke. In order to eliminate smoke, put away the curtains and keep the windows open to let the fresh air inside the room. Install a ventilation or air conditioning system to absorb the smell. bowl with vinegar
  3. If you hosted a party and permitted your guests to smoke inside, by the end of the party to concentration of smoke will be close to the one that was in bars a decade ago. In addition to the nasty odor, you can get a headache similar to the one which sometimes shows up after excessive alcohol consumption. To remove the stinky smell, you can use ordinary vinegar. Fill several large bowls with vinegar, put them in the room filled with smoke, close the door and windows and don’t enter that room within 24 hours.
  4. You can make use of odor neutralizers. They will remove the smell and won’t leave any additional odor. But if you wish to have a scent, spray a perfume on the light bulb. While the bulb heats, the perfume scent will fill the room.
  5. You can try baking soda, as it is a well-known smell neutralizer. Sprinkle bedding, furniture and carpets with soda and let it imbibe the smoke during several hours. After that, soak the soda with the vacuum cleaner. citrus peels
  6. If you don’t trust chemical neutralizers of the odious odors, try citrus peels. Grapefruit, orange or lemon peel can help you get rid of the smell if are left in the room where you relatives smoke. The peel will absorb the smell and leave a pleasant scent.
  7. Another efficient natural odor killer is coffee. Place coffee in several pouches and leave the pouches in the room. It will help you remove the tobacco smoke and fill the room with charming coffee scent.