History of menthol cigarettes

Tobacco corporations are investing more and more money in various campaigns whose aim is to increase sales and promote the products. One interesting tobacco product is the mentholated cigarettes.

Although the beginning of menthol cigarettes is dated since 1920, the ban has been discussed year later. The first idea of adding menthol in the cigarettes was the menthol crystals which were used to treat cold.

Menthol cigarettes

So, the beneficial idea was producing cigarettes which would treat cold through inhaling the smoke. As a consequence, menthol in cigarettes did not treat cold, but the tobacco which absorbed the mint made the cigarettes easier to be smoker. Thus, the mentholated cigarettes have become the bestselling cigarettes after 1932.

Today the mentholated cigarettes constitute about a quarter from the whole tobacco production. The reports show 30% of adult smokers and 40% of young smokers to prefer menthol cigarettes.

In 2009 when the Food and Drug Administration has taken the decision to regulate the tobacco products, devoted a whole discussion to the mentholated cigarettes and the harmful components. The FDA did not allow flavorings as chocolate and vanilla which are counted as very attractive to children and teenagers, but menthol is still debatable.

The board perceived the menthol as having drug-like effects. It tastes fresh and produces cooling and soothing sensations due to the ingredient called throat lozenges. The effect is produced due to the binding receptors on sensory neurons which mediate the signals which are related to pain, temperature and irritation. Low doses can reduce the painful irritating effect on the nose lining, mouth and airways. Due to this effect, smokers report an easy inhalation.

According to the research there are two types of menthol smokers. The first type is those who smoke mentholated cigarettes because it reduces harsh smoking effects, regularly these people are occasional or young smokers. The second type is people who get the strong flavor and a physical sensation from smoking mentholated cigs.

The high percent of those who smoke menthol cigarettes are African American men. The new product which created such a vast reaction due of the health experts is the menthol cigarettes. Thus, a new anti-campaign has been launched against the new product. The first attempt to ban the new product has come from the European Parliament, who voted to ban the menthol cigarettes, although the regulation is going to come into force only in 2022. The same discussion has appeared in US and launched the hot debates.