How to give up smoking: Ex-smoker’s experience

If you have ever tried to get rid of your smoking habit, you should know for sure what usually happens once you put out your last cigarette.

During several days the physiology is rife and rampant, as you are facing the toughest of nicotine cravings. But you have to overcome that period, it’s severe, but will last several days. Once you feel you managed to prevail, another challenge rises.

It is the psychological part of addiction that will torment you during several months, being easier-to-bear than, but still tough to overcome.

quit Smoking habit

Therefore, exactly during this period you should make sure to replace the so-needed cigarettes with the following things:

Use Fresh Air

In other words, the oxygen, which is the main part of the air, can help you alleviate your nicotine cravings. If you have a an office-job, you know there is always not enough fresh air, and people are eager to get to the street, and smoking is a good reason for that.

Thus, sometimes- a cigarette – is only a psychological reason for having a break.

So, instead of hitting the smoking-room, better take a walk. According to Norwegian researchers from the Bergen University, making 15-20 deep breaths will be enough to reduce nicotine cravings for several hours.

Try an Eggplant

If you have nicotine withdrawal problems, German scientists recommend eating eggplant salads to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal.

Don’t be shocked, the thing is that eggplants contain significant amount of nicotinic acid (Vitamin PP). This is why eggplants have a bitterish taste.

So, German doctors strongly recommend all smokers who are trying to quit, eating these bright-colored vegetables everyday within several months after giving up smoking.

Such diet will alleviate discomfort, but will not poison you with nicotine, since from 1 eggplant you will receive 1mkg of nicotine, what is exactly one thousand times less than you typically get from an ulta light cigarette.

Opt for an Apple

Okay, if you don’t believe in magical powers of eggplants, or have no time to take a walk each time you have cravings, then you can follow the advice of Japanese psychologists , who suggest replacing cigarette with an apple.

The sort or size of the apples has no importance, as the particular ritual of eating an apple is what matters. Each time you feel you need to light up a cigarette so bad that you almost can’t stand it, reach for an apple, diligently peel the skin, then slice it and start eating slowly. Your nicotine dependency will dump you for sure.

Stop smoking

Take a Lollipop

Many smokers, struggling with desire to light up, are gobbling sweets, but it doesn’t help them to overcome cravings, and in addition they put on weight. The thing is that, we always forget that in smoking not only nicotine and savory smoke is appealing, but also the habit of having something between your fingers or lips.

Thus, a lollipop can be the perfect substitution of a cigarette. If you are hesitating, as a tough guy can’t be seen with a lollipop in his mouth, simply follow the example of Johan Cruyff, former coach of Barcelona soccer team, who used lollipops to overcome nicotine cravings during his team’s matches, when doctors told him to stop smoking.

Use your mobile

Have it always in hand, and nothing else. British scientists found that mobile phones have the same functions as cigarettes for young people.

They both give a good reason to start conversation. Mobile phones also give confidence, help when you are bored and need a change, as well as smoking, according Action on Smoking and Health activists.