Imperial Tobacco

UK-based Imperial Tobacco is fourth–largest cigarette maker in the world. Besides the manufacture of cigarettes, this company is also world-known for its other smoking-related products of superb quality, such as cigars, tobacco for pipes and hand-rolling, wrapping paper and filter tubes.

Davidoff slims cigarettes - Imperial Tobacco

The company sells its products in more than 160 markets across the globe, satisfying the needs of every adult smoker by the wide variety of superb quality tobacco products and creating new innovative products to keep up with the changing times.

Major points of Imperial Tobacco history

Imperial Tobacco was established in 1901 the incorporation of several minor British tobacco companies, including Lambert & Butler, John Player & Sons and 10 other tobacconists.

Next year, in 1902, Imperial Tobacco reached an agreement with USA-based American Tobacco Company to establish a joint –venture, thus, British American Tobacco was founded. The companies decided no to interfere in each other’s domestic trade activities, and join forces on the international market.

As Imperial Tobacco held a strong share in British American Tobacco, which was rapidly growing, the company’s share holders tried to diversify the business, by purchasing restaurant and hotel chains, and other businesses.

However, in 1980 Imperial Tobacco sold its shares in British American Tobacco, and during the following 16 years its tobacco sales was not significant.

Things changed in 1996, when the company management decided to concentrate efforts on tobacco production and sales. Thus, a new era started for Imperial Tobacco.

In 1997 Imperial Tobacco purchased Rizla, the largest maker of rolling paper in the world, ‘s number one manufacturer of rolling papers, and several tobacco plants in Europe.

In 2003, the company acquired German tobacconist Reemtsma GmbH, taking control of such legendary brands as Davidoff, West, Style, etc. In 2007 Imperial Tobacco purchased Commonwealth Brands Inc, gaining the access to US cigarette market.

The last key acquisition took place in 2008, when it purchased Atladis Co, with brands like Gitanes, Fortuna and Gauloises.

Operations and Key global brands

Currently Imperial Tobacco employs almost 38.000 people through 56 manufacturing units all over the world. The company holds a leadership position in several major markets, including United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Its rich heritage, innovative approach to tobacco processing, and willingness to help every adult tobacco lover find the product of his dreams are the key factors that ensure Imperial Tobacco’s solid position in the international market.

Among its key international brands there are the following products:

  • Davidoff – a super premium quality cigarette brand that offers its consumers a unique taste, and flavor. It holds leading position in mature markets, mainly in developed industrialized nations, where people can afford this luxury product.
  • Lambert & Butler – the top selling cigarette brand in the United Kingdom.
  • West – a lower-end cigarette brand that us hugely popular among European Smokers.
  • R1 - a Super Slim cigarette brand, selling in other 40 markets.
  • Classic – a discount cigarette brand, which offers a great quality, highly appreciated even by US smokers, who usually buy this product in online stores.
  • Golden Virginia – a leading fine cut tobacco brand.
  • Gitanes
  • Gauloises
  • Richmond
  • John Player Special
  • Rizla, etc.