Is electronic cig an escape for smokers?

No one will debate that smoking is an indeed addictive behavior which sometimes is compared with a drug. Many programs and techniques have been discussed and examined in order to cease the destructive behavior. Although now various programs are trying to prevent people from smoking, few decades ago smoking was actively advertised and promoted. Various stars and famous people were engaged in the tobacco advertisement. Throughout time, due to research it was shown that besides the physiological addiction there is the psychological side which also can become addicted to smoking.

Electronic cigarettes

The reasons why people start smoking are different although are usually pretty much the same. Younger people tend to perceive smoking as a part of their style, a cue for socialization through which the self-esteem is strengthened. Older adults start smoking while working, smoking can be relief from a stressed day and yet the method of establishing relationships with colleagues. Women tend to start smoking in order to maintaining their weight. In spite of all the programs developed to stop the smoking people still smoke.

Internet is full of information about methods of smoke cessation. The methods start with an easy review of the negative side effects of smoking and could include hypnosis. A new method recently introduced to the market is the electronic cigarette. Some tend to call it smoker's Holy Grail. From one, side, the electronic cigarettes, give the smoker some amount of nicotine to which the person is used, but from the other side, the dosage is not regulated as it is in gum or patches. Due to the fact that scientists still do not know the real effect of the e-cigarette, some countries decided to ban them.

Electronic smokes have the look of a real cigarettes. They also have inside a battery, and a cartridge that contains the addictive ingredient, nicotine. A person through inhalation gets the nicotine dosage and gets the smoking effect. What is the difference between smoking a regular cigarette and an e-lite? Besides the nicotine, a regular cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, toxins and radioactive ingredients. The tobacco smoke has been proved to be a carcinogen, thus responsible for most of the cancer deaths. As a logical conclusion, electronic smokes have to be safer, although there are still data to come which will show the real results and effects. The conclusion is simple, do not start smoking.