The Secret of Marlboro’s Popularity

Probably many of you have thought about it. So, in order to understand why Marlboro cigarettes are so popular in comparison to such brands as: Camel, Virginia and Winston, we should consider the major types of Marlboro cigarettes sold all around the world.

It is mainly important to know if you want to buy qualitative Marlboro cigarettes online. Well, there three four types of Marlboro cigarettes, namely: The Marlboro Regular, The Marlboro Lights, and the most innovative Marlboro fags as Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Gold Touch.

Marlboro Filter Plus elegant cigarette pack

Although these types are classified according to tobacco processing, the packages are also distinguished by their particular color. The color of regular Marlboro is red, Marlboro Lights is in gold, black on Marlboro Gold Touch and it is red on Marlboro Filter Plus with each type having its particular taste and flavor.

Why 80% of all cigarettes sold in the cigarettes market are Marlboro? There are particular factors contributing to the leading position of Marlboro fags.

Probably the first thing about this brand is that it has identified itself among the main Americans symbols of masculinity, the cowboys. All its advertisement campaigns are connected with the brevity of these glorified heroes of bygones. One more feature is the hard taste that is apparently missing in other brands. Even the Marlboro Lights are certainly harder than most regular smoking products.

The greatest popularity of Marlboro cigarettes has carried forward to the nowadays era of lower priced cigarettes. Particularly more than anything else, the increase of cigarettes tax, various bans, has succeed in complementing the sale of Marlboro. It is rather interesting how it happened.

We all know that online stores sell discount tobacco products without any tax, so when the cigarettes are delivered from other part of the world, the landing cost still comes to be cheaper. So what are the advantages for the lower cigarettes smokers? Now they are available to smoke their favorite brands at a very affordable price and can even switch to the premium quality brands as Marlboro.

There is one more angle to Marlboro’s Popularity. A lot of anti-smoking activists declared that cheap and premium cigarettes have constantly increased the nicotine content in tobacco within the period from 1999 to 2005. Marlboro to the contrary preserved the nicotine content through all these years and strongly protested against the report, which was published by the Harvard School of Public Health analysis.