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Philip Morris International is the world’s largest public tobacco corporation and fourth largest tobacco manufacturer, according to the amount of packed cigarettes produced annually.

The company’s products can be purchased in more than 150 countries across the worlds, and on the majority of these markets PMI occupies leading positions. According to 2009 report, its worldwide market share reached 15.6% (outside of the USA).

Philip Morris International employs approximately 75.000 people through 60 manufacturing and office centers throughout the world.

PMI History

Though Philip Morris became a separate company only in 2008, after a spin-off from Altria, the owner of Philip Morris USA, it accounts for more than a century of astonishing success achieved n many countries across the world.

PMI’s founder Philip Morris made its first cigarette in 1854; in 1902, Philip Morris Co. was established in the USA and the first Marlboro cigarette was introduced to local tobacco market.
In 1955 Philip Morris Overseas was founded as an international subdivision.
The first Marlboro cigarette intended for international market is produced in Switzerland in 1963.
In 1972 Marlboro becomes the top-selling cigarette in the global tobacco market.
In 1980 PMI launches a cigarette manufacture in the Netherlands, which is still the largest plant of the company. In the 1990s Philip Morris International acquires factories and stakes in tobacco businesses in various countries across the world, including Poland, Russian Federation, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.
On March 28th, 2008 the company announced its spin-off from Altria, to become the leading tobacco company in the world.

Products and business environment

Today, Philip Morris International is the proud owner of seven of the 15 best-selling brands in the worldwide market, including Marlboro, the legendary and most famous cigarette brand in the world.

The company is focused on production of the highest quality tobacco products in various price segments, such as value-end categories and exclusive products, in order to fit the requirements of every adult smoker, who prefers being loyal to Philip Morris International.

This company is also marked out by its relentless efforts to prevent teenagers from starting to smoke, and raise the public awareness about the health risks related to smoking, so that every smoker could decide whether to smoke or not, estimating all the risks.

Leading international brands:

Philip Morris International’s brands need no advertisement, as they have been in outstanding popularity among smokers for decades.

  • Marlboro (outside of US) is simply the most famous tobacco product in the history of tobacco industry. In 2008, Marlboro’s sale volumes were three times higher than the following three top-selling brands combined.
  • L&M is the fourth best selling cigarette brand in the world, which is hugely popular in more than 70 countries.
  • Bond Street - a very popular international brand, selling in the value-end segment.
  • Virginia – the first cigarette made especially for female smokers.
  • Chesterfield – an elite quality smoke and the third largest brand for PMI.
  • Parliament holds a leadership position in the premium quality segment.

Other major brands:

  • Red&White
  • Next
  • Philip Morris
  • A Mild Lark
  • Sampoerna
  • Appolo-Soyuz