Tips for Smoking Cigarillos

Cigarillos are much easier to light up than a typical cigar.

Cigarillos, translated from Spanish as “small cigars”, are tobacco products, which resemble cigars in tobacco blend and leaf wrapper, and overall smoking process, but are much smaller than conventional cigars. In addition, there are many types and flavors of cigarillos, giving smokers a chance to experiment and try new flavors.

flavored cigarillos

Due to their compact size (many cigarillos might be around the same size as king-size cigarettes, or even more diminutive) these smoking products are stored and savored a little bit different than their “big brothers”. Most smokers believe cigarillos are much easier to smoke compared to typical cigars, since they already do not have tip and the tiny size permits to use them whenever smokers want to, without having need to find a rather large time frame to savor a normal cigar.


1 Take a cigarillo from the package. In contrast to typical machine-made cigars, cigarillos are available in packs of 10, 12 or even 15. Open the package, pick up a cigarillo, and close the package in order to keep the rest fresher for longer.

2 Put the cigarillo in the mouth and light up its tip. At majority of cigarillos, one of the ends is slightly tapered, and exactly this end should be put in the mouth. The other end is the one that should be lit up using a match or a lighter.

It should be mentioned here that not all cigarillos have one tapered tip. Thus, if both ends are not tapered, the cigarillo might be lit from either of the ends.

3 Handle your cigarillo between the forefinger, supporting it by the thumb. Though you can hold the cigarillo in the most comfortable way for you, you should avoid putting the lit end near the skin, clothing or furniture, as you can get burned or ignite clothing.

4 Breathe in slightly to get the most of the flavor, but avoid inhaling. In order to enjoy the taste, simply pull air into the mouth via cigarillo nearly as if it were a cocktail straw. The air will go through the lit end of the cigarillo and get heated, thus, providing the flavor of burning flavored tobacco. Indulge the flavor while removing the cigarillo from the mouth and then breathe out to emit the smoke. Repeat these steps until the cigarillo is burned out.

It is important to bear in mind that cigarillos give dense smoke, which must not be inhaled!

5 Put out the cigarillo by discarding it in a specialized ashtray. When the cigarillo gets to the length when the heat of burning tobacco is felt by your fingers, it should be extinguished. Squeeze the lit tip strongly in the ashtray, making sure that all burning tobacco is extinguished. In the event, the ashtray is not available, put the cigarillo but into running water or place in on the ground and step on it. After that, be sure to lift the butt, place it into a plastic bag and discard when you find an ashtray.