The leading Moldovan tobacco company, TUTUN-CTC is considered to be one the largest independent tobacconists across Europe. Though the company is much smaller than its Big Tobacco rivals, it successfully competes with them in low-end market segments in both domestic and international tobacco market.

The leading Moldovan tobacco company - TUTUN-CTC

Due to the exceptional effort by the employees and the administration of TUTUN-CTC, the tobacco products manufactured by this company have been distinguished by many awards and certificates, ensuring their high quality and safety.

Currently TUTUN-CTC employs more than 1.000 thousand people through its single manufacturing unit and many tobacco farms across the Republic of Moldova.

Historical Background

Tutun-CTC was established in 1924, in the form of a small manufacturing unit, where cigarettes were rolled manually, but still, it was the first tobacco company in Eastern Europe.

After the World War II, the facility was reorganized to include tobacco processing and cigarette rolling departments. In the 1945 TUTUN-CTC manufactured 2 million cigarettes and more than 200 tons of tobacco.

Twenty years later, in 19966, the company processed first imported tobacco, as earlier all products were made from locally cultivated tobacco. In 1977, the manufacturing plant was modernized and become the best technically equipped and the largest tobacco plant in the former USSR and one of the largest plants in Eastern Europe.

In the ‘1980s TUTUN-CTC launches two cigarette brands Doina and Temp, which have become flagship brands for the company since then. These brands became hugely popular not only among local smokers, but as well among the European ones.

In 2007 TUTUN-CTC signed several important agreements with, including the one with British company Filtrona International, the global leader in the field of the most effective filter technologies, and the agreement with P.Lehmann Consulting, a prominent Swiss group, which specializes in creating exclusive tobacco blends.

These accomplishments permitted Moldavian tobacco giant to occupy a solid position in the European tobacco market.

Flagship brands

New Marengo Forte cigarettes pack

Today, TUTUN-CTC manufactures and sells a wide variety of cigarette brands, both filtered and non-filtered, and comprising all three market segments: premium, mid-price and low-end.

Among the most successful brands there are the following products:

  • Doina – the most popular tobacco product in Moldova, Doina offers adult smokers a wide variety of styles, differing in strength and flavor, among which Doina Menthol and Doina Lux Premium are worth of especial attention.

  • Temp – a high quality cigarette brands that would be a great choice for those adult smokers who are willing to have a strong smoke for a low price.

  • Marengo – a premium quality brand launched in 2009 and already very successful in its price segment. This brand is selling in three strength varieties.

  • Beratt – the latest addition to the TUTUN-CTC brand portfolio. The brand was created in close cooperation with the company’s European partners and complies with all international quality and safety requirements.

  • Cosmos

  • Fluiras

  • MT

  • Plai

  • Orbita

  • Astra

  • Leana

  • Nistru