It doesn’t matter when to quit smoking - the most important is to do it

It is for sure that such themes as smoking, secondhand smoke and the associated health risks are well known and people at the local, national and global level are informed about these worldwide problems.

Never too late to give up smoking

Each year on 31st May the World Health Organization celebrates World No Tobacco Day, stressing the health risks that are associated with cigarettes use and call upon effective policies in order to reduce cigarettes consumption. On a national level it is also celebrated The Great American Smoke Out and Kick Butts Day.

Speaking about the local level, public health protectors work in schools; participate at local social events in order to supply people with resources and education on the risks of starting to smoke, the results of quitting and the health influence of secondhand smoke, that is sometimes called environmental tobacco smoke.

To quit smoking is very difficult and this process doesn’t pass without mistakes. This is like a reverse side of starting. The research demonstrates that 75 % of smokers want to quit. With the help and support from family, friends and the last but not least of no-smoking organizations in the society, smokers can stop smoking and enjoy a healthier life without cigarettes.

During 20 minutes of quitting, your blood pressure, frequency of the pulse and body temperature normalizes. In eight hours, your blood carbon-monoxide level will lower and blood-oxygen level will rise to normal.

Only in just 24 hours of quitting, the chances to have a heart attack drops, your nerve terminals begin to recover, and the senses of taste and smell significantly ameliorate. A little later your breathing becomes easier, the energy levels increase, blood circulation gets better, you will walk without stopping and your lungs will start to work better. Other benefits will come soon.

To stop smoking is the best and significant step that you can take in order to improve your health. And it doesn’t matter how long you have been smoking or how wretched your health is - quitting smoking has considerable and instant positive effects and benefits not only for you but also for those people who are surrounding you.

So if you want to stop smoking, don’t wait for World No Tobacco Day, The Great American Smoke Out, Kick Butts Day or any other day. Because it doesn’t matter when to quit smoking the most important is to do it.

You can also call specially created Smokers’ Helpline. This free of charge service has trained counselors who can help you to stop smoking and elaborate an individual quitting plan. The counselors are professionals in what they do and know what you are going through.

Stop smoking first of all for yourself, for your family, children. And do not forget about those people who suffer from each cigarette smoked by you. It is never too late.

Good Luck!