World’s Top Selling Cigarette Brands

Here is the list of 10 best selling cigarette brands across the world

Top-selling cigarette brands in the world
  1. Marlboro
  2. Winston
  3. Mild Seven
  4. L&M
  5. Camel
  6. Pall Mall
  7. Derby
  8. Kent
  9. Cleopatra
  10. Wills Gold Flake

Marlboro has been the overwhelming leader of the global cigarette industry, selling three times more cigarettes than the No. 2 and No. 3 brands combined. Marlboro is available in more than 50 styles, ranging by flavor (menthol and non-menthol), nicotine amount and size. The most popular version of Marlboro is undoubtedly Marlboro Red (in some countries known as Marlboro Original).

Winston is the second-best selling cigarette brand across the world for the last 5 years, offering superb quality cigarettes in middle-value category. This brand is manufactured by RJ Reynolds Tobacco in the USA and Japan Tobacco International in the rest of the world. Winston is the top key global brand for JTI posting solid growth in sales for several years in a row.

Mild Seven is the world’s top selling cigarette with charcoal filter, and the leading brand in Japan produced by Japan Tobacco. Premium Mild Seven brand was introduced in 1977, and currently is selling in more than 40 countries across the world, being particularly popular in Asian countries.

L&M, the second key brand of Philip Morris International, was launched in the U.S. in 1953. This mid-value brand gained huge popularity across the world, and especially in emerging markets, thanks to eye-catching advertising campaigns, wide range of styles and magnificent combination of price, quality and taste.

The iconic Camel brand is the flagship brand for Reynolds American and Japan Tobacco International in premium segment of cigarette market. This brand boasts rich heritage and impeccable reputation. The brand originated in 1913, becoming the first international cigarette trademark. Today, Camel cigarettes are selling in more than 100 markets and are the fifth top-selling cigarette brand in the world.

Pall Mall is the leading cigarette brand for British American Tobacco, available in such styles as Slims, Super Slims, king-size and nanoking cigarettes. Pall Mall is one of the oldest cigarette brands, being introduced in the USA in 1899.

Derby is the top-selling cigarette brand in Latina American countries. The brand is produced by Brazilian tobacco corporation Souza Cruz, which in its turn is public subsidiary of British American Tobacco.

Kent is the eighth top-selling brand, and the largest premium cigarette brand manufactured by British American Tobacco. Its product portfolio includes king-size Kent HD line, compact slim Kent Nanotek, and innovative Kent Convertible, which contain a capsule filled with menthol flavoring.

Cleopatra cigarette brand is the leading product of Egypt-based Eastern Company S.A.E. The brand is selling in almost all African countries, and several Middle East and Asian countries.

Wills Gold Flake (or simply Gold Flake) is the flagship brand of India-based tobacco giant ITC Limited]. This brand is selling only India and Pakistan, but as it occupies leading positions in both countries, notorious for their huge smoking rates, it managed to outstrip many famous international brands as the 10th top-selling brand in the world.